Owner of the Cali Center

Spiritual Medium, Channel & Certified Reiki Master-Teacher

Born a natural Medium, Intuitive & Channel, Drew lived what he considered to be a "normal life" and ignored these gifts until after a series of traumatic losses and life altering events which brought forth an enhanced spiritual connection and energetic awareness. Drew continues to work with and learn from mentors, colleagues and the spirit world as well as from the people which he lovingly serves. 

Intuitive, Reiki Healer &

Steven has been studying Metaphysics & spirituality for decades and brings incredible natural empathic and healing qualities to all aspects of his work as an Intuitive, Advanced Reiki Practitioner & Medium.  He will be co-teaching and facilitating various workshops, classes and events as well as Reiki-Healing Classes & Certifications with Drew.

Sound Healer, Yoga Teacher & Certified Meditation Instructor

In addition to being a gifted artist and multi instrumentalist for over 20 years, Johnny is also a Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor, leading workshops on healing, meditation, music and neuroscience, performing in spiritual festivals around the country.


400 Lake Street
Ramsey, NJ 07446

Suite C: The Cali Center

Suite E: Private Lessons

Email: info@thecalicenter.com

Phone: (201) 690-7500

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