Astrology Workshop

2020 Forecasting

Spring Supermoons & New Beginnings

Begin the new astrological year with positive intentions and motivation, alongside finding out where your astrology takes you next.  Join astrologist, Crystal B., for a fun, insightful and action-packed astrology workshop including insight into the Aries Equinox, or entrance of Spring. Discover the importance of the season ahead in igniting new beginnings alongside a series of Supermoons creating significant turning points. 2020 is a year to reset the stage and this period is an opportune time to shift your thoughts into creating the biggest changes.


Workshop Details:

Learn more about the power of the 2020 astrology and how we all have the potential to experience big changes on both a personal and global scale. Crystal will help you use your personal astrology to navigate through the highs and lows while operating with a clear mind and brave heart. This workshop includes: specific details into the March, April & May Supermoons, time lines leading into new cycles, challenges, opportunities and cyclical relationship dynamics.


Crystal will help you prepare along with instill a special dose of cosmic wisdom as you embark upon your new astrological year. She will also help you tune into your own planetary message surrounding where personal passions and desires can be found.

This 3-hour workshop is open to anyone interested in what the planets have to say (beginners all the way up to experts!). It’s an opportunity to learn all about the 2020 major planetary influences easily and how they can work for you personally. ($75)




Info about Crystal B.

Crystal B. is an expert astrologer and teacher working with an international client base. As a writer, teacher, coach, counselor and entrepreneur, she has become a trusted source of astrological information all over the world (currently reaching 32 countries).

Crystal’s active website launched in 2009, has grown to be viewed by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. She also runs an online astrological learning community and sees clients privately for personalized readings in her office in Bloomfield, NJ. 



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