Have you ever wondered about Past Lives or Reincarnation? Are you comfortable being led into a meditative state in a group setting? If this calls to you, join us at The Cali Center in Ramsey, NJ on Saturday evening, February 1, from 7:00-10:00pm as Kathryn Capawana, an experienced clinical psychotherapist also trained in Past Life Regression, gently leads the group into a meditative state allowing you to safely explore and journey into past physical lifetimes.

This workshop takes place in a tranquil, relaxed and supportive atmosphere. There will be Q&A time prior to the regression, a deeper explanation of the process in its entirety, as well as time to process and share on your own personal experience afterwards. Attendance does not guarantee a past life experience or an individual reading. Regressions vary and range from a light and/or quiet meditation to being extremely powerful, insightful and clear. 

You may choose a chair or a mat - Whatever is comfy. 


Seating is limited to maximize personal attention.

Early Bird Price: $65 - Valid thru 12/31/2019

After 12/31/2019 - Regular Price: $75

400 Lake Street

Suite C: The Cali Center

Suite E: Private Sessions

Ramsey, New Jersey 07446


​Tel: (201) 690-7500​

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