Helpful Tips Before Attending a Reading


The best way to experience a session is to come with an open mind and heart along with patience and willingness to allow Drew to become the bridge between this world and the next. Be positive, calm and respect the process. 


Drew will briefly explain his process to you as he opens up to and connects with the Spirit World, his Guides and “dials into” your energy as well. Psychic-Medium Readings, Reiki, Energy Healing, Meditations & Channeling may have an amazing and positive impact and be an instrument of change, growth and progress as well as bring closure or acceptance and/or just be the beginning of your spiritual journey and healing process. 


To maintain the integrity of the session please do not volunteer any specific information prior to readings, such as who you wish to connect with. With respect to true Mediumship, there is never a guarantee that the specific person you wish to hear from will come through, or that they will present the information or specific answers the way you expect or want it at the time you want it.


Drew works hard to bring forth evidence consisting of physical traits, names, dates, how they passed, memories, the state of your relationship and similar information to validate the presence of life after life. Typically, he connects with multiple spirits as well as pets and family friends on the other side. It becomes a beautiful way to see, hear and feel your loved ones are okay, staying connected to you and are together on the other side. 


When it comes to Psychic Guidance & Intuitive Insight with regards to matters of relationships, careers, family, finances, or spirituality as well as facing difficult choices, overcoming obstacles, and embracing change, Drew brings simplicity to the complicated and provides incredibly accurate solution-based insight, guidance and direction. 

Although, he may refer to future potentials, his focus is on the here and now, so as to provide you with the best understanding of current options, to make the best choices for your best future. 

As a Psychic-Medium, Energy Healer, and Trance-Channel, it is Drew’s intention to provide clients with clarity, hope, purpose and healing by blending one, several, or all aspects of his abilities which may include Intuitive Guidance, Mediumship, Psychic Guidance, Reiki-Energy Healing, Channeling his Guides and/or Inspired Healing Meditations. Trusting his Spirit Guides with the guidance, direction and flow of sessions allows an incredibly powerful and unique way to reach the higher, oftentimes unrecognized, needs of the client.


Over the last decade, Drew has worked with thousands of clients from all over the world teaching classes & workshops, holding guided meditations in addition to hosting Family Sessions, Private Groups, Healing-Energy Sessions, Open-Public Groups, and Private Individual Readings.