Private Group Readings

Family Session

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Available via Zoom Video or at Ramsey, NJ Office

$450 | 2-5 People (1 Hour)

Drew will work as a Medium, becoming a channel, providing evidence of life-after-life, and delivering messages of love, inspiration and hope. Additionally, as a Psychic, he may also “tune into” your energy as well as those surrounding you and assist with ongoing situations, choices, questions and challenges. These Family Sessions have become deep roots now in Drew's 10 year tree of work where he has witnessed so much forgiveness, love and change.

Small Group

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Available via Zoom Video or at Ramsey, NJ Office

$900 | 6-12 People (2 Hours)

Drew connects with with loved ones who have crossed over, providing amazing evidence of life after life, along with messages of love, hope, and inspiration. Attendance does not guarantee a reading, however, Open & Mixed Group Sessions are a beautiful way to participate in a spiritual gathering and are an excellent source of emotional healing, laughter, forgiveness and communion for all.

For larger groups, private venues, fundraisers or retreats: email us at for details, pricing and availability.

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