Reiki I & II Training

& Certification

Drew Cali is hosting a weekend of Reiki Levels I & II Certification Training in Ramsey, NJ on Saturday, March 14th & Sunday, March 15th from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

In addition to being a Psychic-Medium, Drew Cali, is a Certified Usui/Tibetan System Reiki Master - Teacher also having worked and trained as an Energy Healer, Trance Healer & Spiritual Healer. This is an amazing weekend and spiritual journey. Drew blends the old school "intuitive" or "Shamanic" approach with traditional Reiki-Healing as well as some "New School" concepts. 


You will not find a better teacher, mentor and coach to help you as you continue to grow, explore and experience Reiki-Healing and it's integration into your life.

  • Intro To Reiki Healing Energy.

  • History, Theory, Basic Understanding & Application.

  • Meditative & Energetic Initiations.

  • Learn & Integrate Reiki Healing Symbols.

  • Practice Sessions w/Partners.

  • Hand Positions & Table Work.

  • Distance/Remote Healing.

  • Energy Clearing

  • Self Treatment.

  • Receive Certificate as Level II "Reiki Practitioner".

  • *FREE* Follow-Up Practice Session

DREW’S PROMISE TO YOU: You won't come away from this weekend with "just" a certificate to hang on the wall. You will better understand how to use and integrate ancient healing symbols, the power of "intentions", and the basics of “tuning-in” with your intuitive-psychic senses. You will receive what is known as Reiki Attunement or Energy Initiation. Whether you choose to become a professional practitioner or wish to use these teachings for yourself and family is up to you.


Please note that class size is limited to maximize personal attention. No prior experience required. All interested are welcome to attend.


Tuition: $595*


400 Lake Street

Suite C: The Cali Center

Suite E: Private Sessions

Ramsey, New Jersey 07446


​Tel: (201) 690-7500​

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