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Restorative Yoga

Judy Porter

Restorative Yoga Instructor

& Advanced Reiki Practitioner

Always on the “GO”?

Restorative Yoga is “an active relaxation” practice that is for EVERYONE and you are in excellent hands with Yoga Instructor & Advanced Reiki Practitioner, Judy Porter. It is all about slowing down and opening up the flow of natural energy held in the body through passive stretching exercises and breathing.

Props like blocks, blankets and bolsters are used to offer complete stillness and extended “meditative” periods of time while your muscles/body/mind enters deep states of relaxation. This is the perfect antidote to stress, anxiety, emotional trauma, grief, loss, insomnia and just an incredible way to “LET GO” in a comfortable and supportive environment. Beginners Welcome. 


  1. Feel full and deep stretches

  2. Enhance flexibility

  3. Find out where you hold your stress

  4. Trim fat and lose weight

  5. Boost your immune system

  6. Balance your nervous system

  7. Quiet your mind

  8. Feel better - Sleep better

  9. Recover from illness

  10. Heal emotional pain

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Judy Porter Certifications:

200 + hours R.Y.T.

Restorative Yoga Instructor

Advanced Reiki Practitioner

Turn Stress Into Bliss

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